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About the Inspired Life Centre

The Inspired Life Centre was founded by Jon and Kirsty Macdonald with the intention of providing an inspiring retreat space and sanctuary for leaders, teachers, creatives, influencers and individuals from all walks of life. Our guests come for many reasons, many to experience spiritual and emotional transformation and find clarity in how they live and lead, in beautiful inspiring and natural surroundings.

We are facing a unique time in the evolution of our planet where we believe our world needs as many people as possible to become awakened, lit up and to live a more inspired way of life. What feels like a personal journey into inspired living and leading is, also by default, a social and environmental path. To find a way to treat your life and career as a work of art ripples out beyond the edges of what you directly know and into the lives of others you influence, lead and parent. 

The Inspired Life Centre is a place where you can explore different teachings, practices, therapies, and also simply immerse in the silence and beauty of the natural surroundings, in order to begin to know yourself more fully, to hear your inner wisdom more clearly and to craft a life for yourself that can make your heart sing.  One of the most common things we hear our visitors and clients say is what a relief it is to exhale more deeply and to feel a greater sense of clarity and freedom than they have in a long time – perhaps ever before. And to this we dedicate the Inspired Life Centre.

We invite you as an individual, a retreat host or a leader in your field. Whether you are interested in attending a workshop or event, hosting a retreat or an offsite, or something else, just drop us a note here to make an enquiry and we shall be in contact soon.

Meet the Founders

Jon Macdonald | Founder Inspired Life Centre.jpg

Jon Macdonald

Co Founder

Jon is a heart-led leader, teacher and 30 year meditator. A former Executive Board Director and Chief Risk Officer of a complex and highly regulated FTSE-100 sized company, in his City career he had oversight of $2 trillion of assets and more than 1,000 CxOs. He has created and led high impact teams with World Class Engagement and Leadership all through his own personal philosophy of of Inspired leadership. 


People often describe Jon as a master of contradiction who successfully bridges the gap between many different and perhaps traditionally far apart worlds.  No matter where they are based around the globe, Jon supports his clients on their individual and unique path towards having an outstanding life and leading powerfully and with heart amongst all the challenges of our modern world. He guides them in creating practical ways of living and leading that inspire themselves and others.

A coach, teacher and co- founder of the Inspired Life Centre, Jon facilitates and teaches at the centre, inviting clients and groups into immersions and intensives that create a clear path to inspired living and leading. He is dedicated to guiding people towards finding their passions and teaching them how to lead a powerful and inspiring life from this place, positively impacting their life, business and the wider world.


As well as a father to 5 inspiring teenagers, a loving husband and a deep practitioner, Jon is a truth-teller and facilitator for the change that is needed in our world. Together with his wife, Kirsty Jon has created a space for exploration, inquiry, freedom and transformation in beautiful Andalucia, Spain. His question to you is simple: what does your world begin to look like if you find a deeper connection to yourself, to the world and to inspiration? 

Kirsty Macdonald | Founder Inspired Life Centre.jpg

Kirsty Macdonald

Co Founder

An expert in stress, anxiety and burnout as a route to personal freedom, Kirsty Macdonald is a gifted teacher, therapist, writer and coach who has taught and inspired thousands of individuals on their path towards finding their deepest self and living their most inspired life.

Many moons ago, after first training at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) in London, Kirsty found a passion for supporting performers in unlocking their fullest and most embodied potential. Later she went on to found a Harley Street therapy and coaching practice working with leaders and creatives of all kinds including executive directors, politicians, writers, artists and change-makers from all walks of life. With well over 10,000 hours of one-to-one client work, Kirsty’s expertise includes a wide range of modalities focusing on unconscious mind change, body energetics, performance, breath, spiritual awareness and life mastery. Her engaging, grounded and soul-connected teaching is founded on her expertise in Cognitive Hypnotherapy, Transformational Coaching EMI and and NLP, and has been deepened through more than 25 years of experience of various styles of meditation and yogic practices, intensive personal practice and her work with some of the world’s leading practitioners and teachers on life performance, spirituality and embodiment. Previously she has presented at TEDx and has previously been a regular contributor to The Huffington Post.

Kirsty’s greatest passion is helping leaders and influencers live fulfilled, with joy and lit up in a way that clarifies and superpowers their mission and creates a better world for themselves and everyone on our planet.  She believes everyone is a leader, of themselves and of the others around them and guides the people who work with her into creating new life-affirming patterns, beliefs and ways of moving in the world that lead to them experiencing the inspired freedom that changes lives forever. 

In 2019 Kirsty and her husband Jon created the AlwaysChoose approach with a goal of helping to facilitate inspired leadership and a more greatly awakened world. They founded  the Inspired Life Centre in 2022 where they write, teach and guide those who want to live their most  inspired and impactful life and as a base for building a community of people who are guided toward the same.

Cypress tree circle | Cortijo Las Salinas | Inspired Life Centre
Dali | Double Bedroom | Inspired Life Centre
View from Casa Blanca | Inspired Life Centre
Las Salinas Bedroom - twin
Villa Romana | Inspired Life Centre
Pool and Flowers
Cortijo Las Salinas | Inspired Life Centre
Andalucian Hills | Villa Romana | Inspired Life Centre
Bedroom - Casa Blanca | Inspired Life Centre
Double Bedroom | Casa Blanca | Inspired Life Centre
Yoga Shala | Inspired Life Centre
Flowers of Cortijo Las Salinas | Villa Romana | Inspired Life Centre
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